A Back Pain Does Not Heal With Rest

According to medical sources, 44% of the population will suffer from back pain in the next six months, of which 20% could be affected by subacute low back pain. Over the years, the concept of back pain has undergone a revolution, and nowadays it is recommended to face it in a different way, where the proactive attitude of the patient is critical to overcoming it. Now, the IDIAP Jordi Gol Primary Care Research Institute dedicated to the promotion of research in the first level of care in Catalonia, has initiated a study to treat low back pain without drugs. For a year and a half, a non-pharmacological therapy will be carried out on 800 patients, between 18 and 65 years old, with some episode of pain between fifteen days and three months. The physiotherapist Elena Montel is one of the members of this project that also has doctors who help to undo myths about low back pain and a psychologist who teaches patients to face the pain and change the attitude towards him.

The experts say that the concept of back pain has experienced a revolution with the passage of time. How should we approach it today?

In the beginning, it was understood by back pain what was the typical wear on the back or osteoarthritis. What happens is that scientific studies have ruled that it is not the same. You can have osteoarthritis, but the nonspecific back pain is a pain that is not associated with a physical anomaly itself, but a set of factors that come together in a particular type of people are more predisposed to chronify this pain, when not There is an injury. With the sessions we are doing for IDIAP Jordi Gol we also work on the most psychological part and demystify some myths like that people cannot work because they have back pain. They work the fears that some people have about this disease, and that creates insecurity.

 Can we cure a common back pain without pharmacological help?

I believe that pharmacological support is necessary at first what happens is that, depending on how you know yourself, maybe the pharmacological help you need is not so much. If you have sharp back pain with much pain, it is necessary to rest for three days, no more, and the help of analgesics. But it is not the only treatment.

And now he will tell me that the problem is that it is hard for us to know our body …

It is essential the psychology and to ask you what has changed so that today you have a pain of back that yesterday did not have. Analyze what the causes may be. What also happens with people who have back pain is that the day they are well they try to do many things and when they are worse they do nothing. It’s about sharing the tasks, and the day you’re wrong not to make an absolute rest because the muscles weaken quickly, and the day that does not hurt you do not have to give yourself a beating. Back pain cannot be cured with rest. To get into bed, you have to have extreme back pain. What your joints need is movement, because even though they can hurt you, if you stop, the inflammation stays attached and is a vicious circle. If you move a lot when it hurts,