Have You Detected An Increase In Cases Of Back Pain As A Result Of Emotional Factors?

 Yes, is that now with the economic crisis is a very difficult time. We must also bear in mind that low back pain is stationary when the sun comes up, people feel better. When at work you cannot afford to take the leave because the company is doing poorly, you do not go to the doctor. Right now people get a lot fewer casualties for this ailment, although I think it does not mean there are fewer people with back pain.

The people hold more this ailment for not having to take the low, and it is that it does not give him the importance that must have?

I think that when people make the small is because it is wrong. The question is when you are going to work with pain, and in spite of it, you do nothing. I do not say that you have to take the low for all lumbago, is more, I think it is not always necessary, but it is true that there comes a time when you may have no choice but to stop because you have two or three intense episodes in the same month. It is also true that low back pain often has an essential relationship with labor factors so that a low one would have the positive component. Everything has its opposite, so it is necessary to make an analysis and know what these pains can be attributed to.

Which is the group most exposed to turning their back pain into a chronic disease?

Depends on many factors, but mainly are those who are exposed to physical overload or stress. Also people with family problems or those who are caretakers of other sick people. Homemakers would also be in that group. Even people with specific fears, people who assume back pain as a very ill thing and who internalize it in such a way that they do not know how to minimize it. The problem is that sometimes it is difficult for us to identify those signals that the body sends us and we lack awareness. In this sense, we must emphasize that it is essential to take care of oneself. In today’s daily life it is difficult to reach all obligations, and every time we put more burdens until there comes a time when we stop taking care.