If you need a small personal loan without nasty surprises or too many intermediaries, Lend Bank may be the solution you are looking for.

In addition to online loans, you can ask for a rechargeable loan without using a credit card, a current account, a financing for unforeseen circumstances, or even choose the insurance service that best suits your needs.

Lend Bank: who are they?

Lend Bank: who are they?

Lend Bank is a financial group that has existed in Italy since 1996, but since 1982 it has been present in France. In recent years, the Group has reached Hungary, Slovakia and Poland.

In the first period of activity, the company allowed you to request a loan directly by telephone or by post, without using the current account. Today, Lend Bank’ commitment is to allow everyone to be realized with the online loan formula.

The group has the Italian VAT number and is regularly registered in the register of financial intermediaries, but here we will deal mainly with what Lend Bank can do for you with personal loans online and for those who are looking for Lend Bank loans without pay . Opinions on Lend Bank are positive and from customers who have already tried the service and talk about it on opinion sites.

Lend Bank loans: how they work

Lend Bank loans: how they work

Loans from Lend Bank can be of three types:

  • The personal loan.
  • The rechargeable credit.
  • The finalized loan.

With the personal online loan you can request up to 10,000 euros by paying with 72 fixed- rate monthly installments . If you find yourself in difficulty, you can also choose to skip the payment of the installment three times during the amortization plan, without becoming a bad payer.

You don’t even need a Lend Bank current account because, to send you the money, Lend Bank will send them to your prepaid card, or to your current account already present in another bank.

For the payment of the installments, instead, you can use the check, the postal payment slip or the transfer. With this formula, the minimum sum you can request is 2000 Euros, while the minimum amortization plan is about one year. The loan disbursement time is 48 hours maximum.

The rechargeable loan does not require a credit card from Lend Bank . If you don’t need an immediate loan, but you need a reserve amount to use in case of unexpected events or purchases , this is the right tool for you.

Just send your documents to Lend Bank and call the toll-free number when you need it. You will immediately receive the amount you need and you will repay it in small installments starting from 45 euros a month.

Whenever you pay an installment, you increase the availability of money in your personal fund that you can borrow.

The Lend Bank purpose-built loan is one of the few loans you can ask for directly on Facebook. In fact, you can ask:

  • By phone.
  • On the Lend Bank Facebook page by sending a private message.
  • On the official website.

To get it, you can also simply send the documents to the store where you buy your new appliance and ask for Lend Bank. Thus, it will be the clerk who gets you to sign the documents and start the fast financing procedure. In this case you will have a finalized loan.

How much can I get on loan from Lend Bank?

On Lend Bank you can request up to 10,000 euros, for a minimum amount of 2,000 euros, for unfinished personal loans.

For rechargeable credit, however, the company will tell you how much you can have as a fund and, consequently, how much you can ask for on loan. Finally, for finalized financing, the amount you can request will be exactly what you need to buy the product online or in-store.

Documents requested by Lend Bank

The documents to be sent to apply for Lend Bank loans are:

  • Identity card and tax code. For foreigners, also the residence permit.
  • The pay slip, the tax return or the pension slip.
  • The current account or card number where you want to receive money.

The loan is requested directly online and the interest rate is close to 20%.

Lend Bank: When is convenient

Lend Bank: When is convenient

The Lend Bank loans are convenient when you have to make a sudden expense or you want to be more serene in the management of income and expenses without necessarily having a current account. The payment methods are simple. During the loan request, you can directly request the Lend Bank loan budget without waiting and without charges. All loans do not have incidental expenses to be paid such as: installment collection, commissions, statements, etc.