Few have heard of Genius, but many have heard of Smart. If you are looking for a personal loan with the salary or pension fifth, be aware that this was one of the first financial companies to offer it.

From Genius the loan with the sale of the fifth is the winning formula. Thus, you can resolve your situation as a bad payer or protestor, get a small loan, or request a larger sum even if you are already paying the first installments of the fifth salary.

How exactly does the Genius loan work and where does this company come from? Can you trust them?

How to apply for the loan

How to apply for the loan

The company is completely Italian and in the nineties it created the Smart brand, one of the first to manage fifth management practices. The telephone finance companies were already on the market, but Genius created a network that allowed them to manage all files via telephone, sending the documents by post only after credit by check or bank transfer.

Today, with the arrival of the Internet, the Genius loan of Turin has two sites: one for presenting the company  and one for being able to apply for a loan with the Smart brand. What loans does this site offer and are they affordable

The company has come up with different solutions for:

The company has come up with different solutions for:

Public and private employees;

Loans for pensioners;

Loans for bad payers or protesters.

If you get a Genius loan, you should know that you will be asked to pay with a fifth or double fifth loan (= loan with proxy), or you can choose the personal loan formula.

Unfortunately, if you are a professional with VAT or a company, you cannot ask for these loans.

You can request up to 75,000 euros, paying in monthly installments of 2 to 10 years. The installments are paid directly upon receipt of the pension or salary, so there is no need to charge the current account. The amount, however, is credited to the current account already present by bank transfer.

If you have a prepaid card with Ibon, Genius will agree to send you the loan amount on the card. The interest rate is fixed and valid for the entire duration of the loan.

The interest rate applied in terms of convenience depends on the Genius loan estimate. To apply for the loan, you must go to the site and request a quote, indicating in the form that the requested data appears.

From there, you can check how much you can get on loan based on your salary, your pension and your financial position. However, you will not have to accept immediately: the budget and without obligation and, completing it, you can only ask for a phone call from a Genius consultant.

After the phone call, you can send the requested documents, which are:

Identity card and tax code. Foreigners also need a residence permit;

The last two pay slips or the last two payslips of the pension;

Loan contracts that have not been honored (where present);

The current account statement that serves to credit the money.

All that remains is to request a quote.

Loan news and if appropriate

Loan news and if appropriate

Are these loans convenient or not? It all depends on your economic situation. In fact, if you have past debts or you may need additional funding from Genius, you will find everything convenient. Why? Because you can always ask to get more money on loan at a fixed interest rate.

If you are retired, the loan is an excellent solution , because some pensioners often fail to help children and grandchildren with a loan for old age. If you are over 70, you can ask Genius for a loan with constant installments of the same amount , thanks to the fixed rate formula. In addition, the maximum amortization schedule is 10 years, but you can also choose a faster amortization schedule, with a minimum two-year formula.